The blockchain "large" concentration was perhaps just the beginning, sleepless night long precursor

Huang Sheng Ma Zhiqiang Chen Jian

08 2018 23 July 08:02 source: - People's venture capital

The block chain from the media people, 8 Sept. 21 is destined to be a sleepless night.

That night, golden finance, currency information, fire rating, cannon, TokenClub, deep world currency chain finance, reading a daily currency related currency blockchain WeChat public number, a violation of the "Interim Provisions" of instant communication tool of public information service development management has been ordered to block all content, instead of the original information content the.

The news spread, immediately attracted a lot of attention block chain practitioners. Tencent responded: "part of the public, suspected of issuing ICO and virtual currency trading speculation, in violation of the" Interim Provisions "of instant communication tool of public information service development management, has been ordered to block all the content, the account is closed permanently."

In some industry insiders, the related currency in public, "ban", seemingly suddenly, actually is not without signs. With the Central Bank of ICO and qualitative to promote the next stage of Internet financial risk supervision of the special rectification work, step by step tight. Network information service platform blockchain must adapt to regulatory rules, strengthen self-discipline, strict control of self behavior. Hot chain blocks from the media, or will usher in a reshuffle in strong regulatory era.

The concentration is not sealed "suddenly"

Venture capital people learned that the "Interim Provisions" of the instant communication tool of public information service development management issued for the national Internet Information Office in August 7, 2014. The "provision" mentioned, instant communication tools service users in public information service activities, shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations. Instant communication tools to violate the agreement of the service users, instant communication tools service providers should take warning depending on the circumstances, limited release, suspend update until you close the account and other measures, and keep the relevant records, to fulfill the obligation to report to the relevant competent department.

The WeChat public number is sealed, mostly by mining, block chain information services in the industry "". Among them, Golden Finance claimed that it is a one-stop service platform for industry chain block set industry news, information, market and data integration; information self set fire currency block chain industry information platform to provide information, exclusive industry analysis, the new information, the original article industry etc..

In the opinion of the Renmin University of China School of finance, vice president Zhao Xijun, the WeChat platform refers to the "Interim Provisions" of instant communication tool of public information service development management, supervision layer has to ICO, block chain network information service rules, such as the public, since then, WeChat released the ICO project in violation of the rules, contents, speculation "digital currency transaction information regulators will not be completely indifferent," will take corresponding measures.

In fact, the "digital currency" and ICO project, has been in the scope of regulation. Last September 4th, the people's Bank, Chinese central network information office and other seven departments jointly issued "on the issue of financing risk prevention notice" tokens. "Notice" pointed out that the issue of financing tokens (ICO) refers to the financing subject through illegal sale, token circulation, to investors to raise bitcoin, currency and other so-called "Ethernet virtual currency", is essentially a kind of unauthorized illegal public financing behavior, suspected of illegal sale of generation of currency notes and illegal illegal issuance of securities fund-raising, financial fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities. The relevant departments will closely monitor the dynamic, and strengthen the judicial departments and local governments to work together, the strict law enforcement in accordance with the current working mechanism, resolutely curb market chaos. A suspected crime, will be transferred to judicial organs.

In July 9th this year, the people's Bank of Chinese announced that the people's Bank held the next stage of Internet financial risk special rectification work plan meetings, the meeting stressed the need to resolutely fight Internet financial risk rectification battle, strive to complete the rectification of the 1 years to 2 years, the establishment of long-term mechanism to prevent the risk of Internet banking. The manuscript mentioned in resolving the risk of the stock supervision department at the same time, the decisive shot attack the new dawning of illegal business, the new field of chaos and control. At present, the domestic 88 virtual currency trading platform and 85 financing platform to achieve full tokens without risk of exit, in the international leading virtual currency regulation.

Zhao Xijun believes that China's "digital currency" for sale, "exchange" and set up ICO fund-raising behavior has a clear regulation.

Involving money from the media?

WeChat public platform published in 2012, in the development of 6 years, the hatching of more than 20 million large and small public number, rich in the era of mobile Internet communication services, information production, ecology, but some inconvenient problems appear in the course of development.

With the blockchain hot, the number of micro channel public more and more to block chain information content based, network communication block chain information is experiencing barbaric growth stage. Many public number, lack of focus technology itself, the popularity of the blockchain basic knowledge to the public, the transfer industry recently dynamic, technology enabling information service platform, the real economy overweight but at the same time, there are some "coin circle", "digital currency speculation" platform, even with the issuer of the interests of overseas ICO project Goulian, acts as a "accomplice speculators cut chives.

The number of public money involved last night was concentrated, let the industry development status of the currency block again involving the chain network information service platform to examine.

Study on the legal China bank director Xiao SA told people in an interview analysis of venture capital project, some party itself is "self media" behind the boss or shareholder, the impact of a deliberate currency movements, to entice users to buy a coin, assist "the value management", the behavior is clearly illegal. The specific legal responsibility, from the media responsibility attached to the back side of the project, if the project is suspected of fraud, as a "help" may constitute an accomplice; if the project is composed of civil fraud, since the media may become a co defendant.

Zhao Xijun believes that the legal responsibility of network information service platform blockchain need to clear their own, can not be more than the rules, not issued false information, this is the most basic discipline. "In accordance with the rules, is to promote the healthy development of the industry chain block."

Communication law research center of China University of Political Science and Law deputy director Zhu Wei said, now the WeChat public network platform is not only plays a role of information release, rich, broad extension to bring about a change in the age of the Internet communication environment, at the launch of the "Interim Provisions" of instant communication tool of public information service development management based on supervision the public number platform layer or make more detailed and specific management rules.

In Zhu Wei's view, the number of micro channel public platform, its commitment to the social, legal and moral responsibility, should be based on the supervision of the red line as the basis, combined with the new technology, the new system will continue to strengthen audit and management of publication; for publishers, should have a clear understanding of the requirements of regulators, keep the bottom line of the law, strengthen self-discipline.

Insiders said the people of venture capital for the moment, all kinds of chain blocks from the media, the public number is involved in currency centralized letter for industry on a cool agent needle, or will continue to bring chaos industry reshuffle opportunity compliance industry information service platform and not by too much impact, but will usher in a new opportunity for development.

(Huang Sheng, commissioning editor Zhang Chen)